Protecting Mom & Dad: The Benefits of Emergency Medical Alert Systems

Published on November 28, 2021

Caregiver for an elderly friend? Or simply having to keep more of an eye on mom and dad these days? No matter how much we're there for our loved ones, it's easy to worry about what might happen when we're not – and how assistance could get there quickly if needed.

Over a third of all falls involving people over the age of 65, happen while at home. None of us like the thought of losing our independence, but what would happen if mom or dad were to have a trip or fall, or even suffer a stroke or heart attack while on their own?

Thankfully, there are a whole range of devices specifically designed to get help when time is critical. Medical Emergency Response Systems work by alerting the relevant emergency department or care team through a button transmitter worn around the neck, wrist or waist. It then links directly to a two-way speaker on the user's phone, and designed to provide 24/7 monitoring be the critical SOS point in an emergency; providing peace of mind for the elderly parent and the caregiver, who is also notified immediately.

The benefits are clear. Need more convincing? Check out our top 4 reasons why a Medical Alert system could be a no-brainer for that extra peace of mind:



It's hard to ignore reports in the media about the rising cost of nursing homes and warden-controlled housing. Medical Alert systems are an affordable way to add extra protection into a normal residential or family-home set-up (especially for those with ongoing medical conditions) while also maintaining that level of privacy.

Medical Guardian offers great all round protection with free equipment, free set-up and lifetime price guarantee.


Because they're easy to set-up and use in the home, Medical Emergency Response Systems allow elderly users to maintain their independence – while also giving a much needed sense of freedom to hardworking caregivers.

If you are looking for medical alerts when your loved one is away from home, Medical Care Alert has some of the best options.


It goes without saying that in an emergency, time is critical. Medical Alerts are designed to be there 24/7 and provide emergency help with a mere push of a button. Even if the person cannot easily respond, there are fully trained healthcare professionals on the line who know what to do.

If you need a medical alert system for any life-style, Medical Guardian are a great start.

Eldery woman


Medical Alert systems are easy to set up in the home and all work with a push of a button using the personal help pendant, which connects to the necessary medical personnel and informing nominated family and friends.

You and your loved ones could feel good knowing there's protection procedures in place should the worst happen and help is needed quickly. Can you really put a price on that kind of peace of mind?

Bottom line is, medical alert systems are easy to set up in the home and all work with just the push of a button. Remember that finding the best care is important to us, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the website and read our trusted reviews as well as customer reviews.

Step 2: Pick the medical system that is best suited to your needs and will give you the best protection.

Step 3: You and your loved ones rest easy with the peace of mind due to protection procedures of trusted companies like MobileHelp, Medical Guardian, and Medical Care Alert.