Recent College Grad Launches Successful Career… By Playing a Video Game!

Published on September 19, 2021

Deanna Peterson Discovers Back Door into Lucrative Opportunity Few Know About...

By S.T. Martin Digital Advertising Reporter

SAN DIEGO, CA. – Like many people in their 20s, Deanna Peterson was unsure about her career. She graduated from a well-respected college with good grades but found it difficult to get her career started in the right direction.

Many of her friends entered fields like banking, health, and manufacturing – and she was tempted to do the same. But none of these industries appealed to her. Fortunately, a video game … yes, a video game … helped her move her career forward.

Skills to Enter a Field Where it’s Easy to Earn Over $100,000

A friend told her about an online video game called Startup Alley. Initially, Deanna thought Startup Alley was a “typical” video game like Grand Theft Auto.

Upon further inspection, she discovered that Startup Alley is a video game that teaches the skills to become a digital media buyer … and enter the exploding world of online advertising.

Deanna played the game. Very soon, she developed these skills.

  • Planning online media buying
  • Analyzing results and ROI
  • Supervising creative resources
  • Connecting with media networks
  • Negotiating ad rates
  • And much more …

Startup Alley helped her develop a marketable skill: digital media buying. Soon after completing the course, Deanna added her new skill-set to her resume. She started applying for digital media buying positions with advertising agencies and companies. Within days, she was organizing interviews with hiring decision makers.

Deanna quickly discovered the following about digital media buying. The industry is expanding rapidly because advertisers are turning away from “traditional” media like radio and TV. The position provides geographic flexibility: she could work in a large city, a small town, or even telecommute. Being a digital media buyer is a great way to start a career that leads to a management position. There’s a TON of creativity required. It’s a fun environment. You work with great companies. The salaries are excellent.

Deanna discovered that digital media buyers earn an average of $77,000 a year in certain markets with experienced media buyers earning upwards of $117,000 a year. Within a few weeks, and after several interviews with great agencies and companies, Deanna accepted a position as an entry-level digital media buyer with a fast-growing technology firm near San Diego.

A Pathway to Management

The position pays above average and provides impressive benefits. Deanna is managing large media budgets and is gaining valuable real world experience in the online environment.

But most importantly, Deanna feels she has made the right first step for her career and future. And it all started with a video game!

The position requires creative, analytical, and management skills. There’s also huge responsibility: a digital media specialist may have a budget of anywhere from $250,000 to $10 million. Because of the level of responsibility and the diverse skills required, companies are finding it difficult to find and keep expert digital media specialists. And it’s not a skill taught in most universities. So with demand for digital media specialists skyrocketing – and a limited supply – companies are paying high salaries to qualified experts.

Salaries are typically highest in major markets like New York and Los Angeles but high-paying positions are available in every city and town in the United States and other countries. Many companies allow telecommuting for digital media buying positions.

How to Gain the Skills for a Position with a $117,000 Salary

Advertising agencies and companies are looking for digital media buyers but they are unwilling to pay for training. They are looking for candidates with the skills. This leads to the obvious question: How can you gain these skills?

Startup Alley taught Deanna these skills. She found the “education” a lot of fun and the training did not require technical, computer, or mathematical skills.

To discover more about a career in digital media buying … and how to play Startup Alley … click here now or click the button below.

The company behind Startup Alley provides a free opportunity to play the game … and learn the skills. The skills you need to become a digital media buyer are not complicated but they are highly specialized.

To gain these skills, click here now or click the button below.

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    Susan D. wrote:
Never heard of Startup Alley before, thanks for the information. I went through your form and found the sign up to be easy and the game to be useful.
    Paul C. wrote:
Didn't qualify for many jobs before Startup Alley. I reapplied a couple months ago after playing the game, and I was much more hireable! Happy to be putting the extra money we're saving into my kid's college fund.
    Kevin L. wrote: wrote:
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    Richard B. wrote:
is this a scam?
    Daryl J. wrote:
Thought it was a scam too at first like it was too good to be true but I filled the form out anyway and played the game. It was really easy actually and I'm not paying an arm and a leg for education anymore.
    Anonymous wrote:
great article