8 Reasons People are Becoming Digital Media Buyers

Published on September 19, 2021

With High Demand for Digital Media Buyers and a Low Supply of Qualified Candidates, Salaries Have Climbed to Well Over $100,000 a Year

By S.T. Martin Digital Advertising Reporter

SAN DIEGO, CA. – One of the hottest jobs on the planet right now? Digital media buyer. There are two primary reasons. First: online advertising spending is set to overtake TV spending by 2019. Second: digital media planning requires a completely different set of skills from “traditional” media buying.

The demand for digital media buyers is high. Universities and colleges don’t teach the specific skills … so the supply of digital media buyers is low. The result? Excellent opportunities and salaries.

8 Reasons People – Especially Recent Graduates – are Entering this Field

ONE. High Salaries. According to data from job sites, digital media buyers earn an average of $77,000 a year in certain markets with experienced media buyers earning upwards of $117,000 a year.

TWO. It’s An Exploding Industry. Money spent on traditional channels – like TV, radio, and print – is declining. Money spent online is EXPLODING … so the opportunities for digital media buyers are vast.

THREE. A Unique Skill Set is Required. This keeps the supply of digital media buyers low … and the salaries high.

FOUR. It’s Rewarding. As a digital media buyer, you make a big impact on the success of a company or agency. You’re an important team member.

FIVE. You Can Work with Great Companies who provide great benefits, cool workplaces, plus plenty of fun people.

SIX. Plenty of Advancement Opportunities. Starting as a digital media buyer is a great way to get into a company, prove your value, and progress into management.

SEVEN. Work Pretty Much Anywhere. You can find positions as a digital media buyer in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. You can find them in smaller communities. Or you can telecommute.

EIGHT. Be at the Cutting Edge. As a digital media buyer, you will be right at the cutting edge of technology, marketing, advertising, and media.

So the question becomes, “how do I get the skills I need to become a digital media buyer?”

The Surprising Way to Get the Skills

Ironically, the worst place is usually a college or community college. These institutions are not teaching the necessary skills. Seeing this gap in the education curriculum, Pixlwise decided to provide the training. The company tried an all-new approach: a video game called Startup Alley.

By playing Startup Alley, you can gain the skills you need to become a highly sought-after digital media buyer. Startup Alley teaches you the fundamentals of:

  • Digital media buying
  • Display and pay per click
  • Copy and content: the creative elements
  • Measuring results
  • How the ad networks operate
  • Negotiation
  • Managing advertising spend and budgets

Playing Startup Alley gives you all the skills you need to say to a potential employer, “I am ready to join you as a digital media buying expert and contribute to the organization.”

Startup Alley provides a gateway to a career in digital media buying and web-based advertising. To play Startup Alley, you don’t need major computer skills, you don’t need a degree in mathematics, and you don’t need experience in the field.

You simply need a desire to make a strong personal and career move into a lucrative and rapidly-expanding field.

To discover more about a career in digital media buying … and the all-new learning platform that helps you develop the required skills... click here now or click the button below.

The company behind the video game learning platform provides a free opportunity to play the game … and learn the skills. The skills you need to become a digital media buyer are not complicated but they are highly specialized.

To gain these skills, click here now or click the button below.

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    Susan D. wrote:
Never heard of Startup Alley before, thanks for the information. I went through your form and found the sign up to be easy and the game to be useful.
    Paul C. wrote:
Didn't qualify for many jobs before Startup Alley. I reapplied a couple months ago after playing the game, and I was much more hireable! Happy to be putting the extra money we're saving into my kid's college fund.
    Kevin L. wrote: wrote:
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    Richard B. wrote:
is this a scam?
    Daryl J. wrote:
Thought it was a scam too at first like it was too good to be true but I filled the form out anyway and played the game. It was really easy actually and I'm not paying an arm and a leg for education anymore.
    Anonymous wrote:
great article